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With a proven expertise in homeowners association (HOA) management, our team of highly trained professionals and value added services make a difference in the lives of the homeowners and communities we serve.

What Sets Us Apart

  • Association Governance
  • Maintaining Community Standards
  • Processing Architectural Requests
  • Community Collection Services
  • Insurance and Claim Processing
  • Lifestyle Services
  • Social Event Programming
  • 24/7 Customer Care

Unlike other companies, Guardian’s ’boutique’ approach to managing our community means they manage it the way we want, instead of putting us in a box as a client.

Warren J.

Board President

Case Study: HOA Management

Background and Challenge: This case involves a homeowners association (HOA) that was founded in the 1970’s.  Before Guardian was hired in the late 2000’s, the HOA was self-managed.  We are often hired by previously self-managed HOA boards that want to make a change in order to utilize the professional expertise of a management company.  In this case, we were brought on after their previous manager skipped town, leaving behind questions of missing funds, disconnect notices from the utility companies and a property that was in great need of care. We recognized that our most critical challenge would involve restoring the financial health of the HOA, not only to fund the day-to-day operations of the community, but also to fund the general repairs and special projects the board of directors wanted to see completed.

Action and Outcome: The first course of action was to conduct an audit of their finances.  The HOA had not conducted any type of audit in many years.  The results of the audit revealed that several hundred thousand dollars were missing from the HOA’s bank accounts.  We proceeded to file an insurance claim that resulted in a settlement, allowing the board of directors to recover a portion of the missing funds.  This situation highlights the imperative need for checks and balances and regular financial audits.  This is a practice we recommend to all HOAs we manage.  After the HOA had recovered financially and additional funds were raised through special assessments, we could begin work.  The community manager worked to ensure vendors for these projects maintained the highest of quality and that communication to homeowners remained consistent throughout the process.  By restoring the financial health of the HOA and improving the physical condition of the community, we made a lasting positive impact on this HOA and more importantly on the homeowners that call it their home.


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