As an industry leader, we have experience managing master-planned and mixed-use communities containing a variety of unique amenities, golf courses, lakes, diversity of residential home types, office space, retail, restaurant and other shared facilities within the associations.

What Sets Us Apart

  • Dedicated Onsite Staff and Support Teams
  • Strategic Planning
  • Risk Management
  • Financial Management
  • Preventative Maintenance Programs
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Vendor and Contract Management
  • Shared Entity Collaboration
  • City and State Compliance
  • Commercial Association Management
  • Public Improvement District (PID) Management

Guardian has provided excellent service and has saved our communities thousands of dollars by bringing us the most experienced and competitive contractors and suppliers in the business for our many projects.

George S.

Board President

Case Study: Master Planned and Mixed Use

Background:  With the management of master planned and mixed use associations, comes some unique opportunities and situations.  This particular HOA shares multiple parking areas for retail customers, homeowners and the general public.

Challenge:  This is a common situation found in mixed-use HOAs. The parking area is located by the retail shops and restaurants.  The problem arises when the retail and restaurant has higher than normal peak times where homeowners and their guests are unable to utilize their portion of the parking areas due to overflow. The congestion was becoming a nuisance and causing tensions between the parties.  The challenge lied in addressing established parking areas and determining who be responsible for maintaining the boundaries of these areas. 

Action and Outcome:  After several meetings and months of deliberation, the parties came to an arrangement.  The solution was for the retail and restaurant to engage a valet company during set peak hours of the week and utilize an adjacent facility for overflow parking.  The retail and restaurant ownership ended up paying for the valet and cost to utilize the new facility for overflow parking.  It is important to understand how to effectively address problems like this when they occur in a master-planned and mixed-use HOA.  Guardian has the experience and technical savvy to navigate unique challenges like this and others issues that may arise.


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