With a host of technology innovations, Guardian Association Management Puts Your Community Online.

What Sets Us Apart

  • Interactive Community Web Portals
  • Real Time Financial Reporting
  • Resident Notification Systems
  • Online Document and Form Archive
  • Online Payment Processing
  • Online Maintenance Requests
  • Online Payables
  • Online Resale Certificate Orders
  • Online Compliance Management Program

Not only did Guardian bring great people, but brought an incredible software and online system to support them and our homeowners. The ease of communicating with the staff and neighbors, their alert system, the ease of finding information, the ability to track requests… Their technology tools have been a game-changer for us.

Karen W.

Board President

Case Study: Technology

Background:  We manage a substantial client community in north Texas that is gated with four manned gatehouses.  When we started the management of this community, each gatehouse had a paper copy three-ring binder for their visitor entry system.  A homeowner had to print an “approved access list” to give to one of the gatehouses.  Gate attendants would fax the “approved access lists” to each other so all gatehouses had up to date information. 

Challenge:  If a fax machine or LAN line was down, the gate attendant was dependent on their memory for providing access to visitors.  Fax machines were often busy and most owners had no way to fax the list directly to the attendant instead of dropping it off.

Action and Outcome:  With the support of the board of directors, we implemented DwellingLIVE and a camera system through a 3rd party vendor.  Owners now have website and app to log pre-approved visitors and can update their visitors to all four gatehouses in real time.  Owners receive a text and/or email when a visitor arrives in the community. Owners may also pre-approve short term guests for events, such as a dinner party or other outing, and set the duration of the event. Gate attendants can monitor all vehicular and pedestrian entry points via the camera system, as each gatehouse has a tablet for the DwellingLIVE interface. 


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